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Veedokkade (2009) - 1CD - DVDRip - XviD - Direct Download - Team TDK

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<blockquote>Tech Specs:

  • Source: DVD9 @ DDR
  • Movie Info:
  • Codec: XviD
  • Container: AVI
  • Video bps: ~515 Kbps
  • Resolution: 608 x 240
  • AR: 16:9
  • Fps: 25.00
  • Audio: MP3 96Kbps Stereo
  • Size: 700 MB
  • Subtitle: English
  • Runtime: 2h 41m 03s
  • Ripper: Turbouslambo
Download Links:

Code: Veedokkade.1CD._DVDRip.Team.TDK.avi.002.html Veedokkade.1CD._DVDRip.Team.TDK.avi.003.html Veedokkade.1CD._DVDRip.Team.TDK.avi.004.html
Subs: Veedokkade.1CD._DVDRip.Team.TDK.sub.html Veedokkade.1CD._DVDRip.Team.TDK.idx.html

Code: Veedokkade_1CD_DVDRip_Team_TDK_avi_002 Veedokkade_1CD_DVDRip_Team_TDK_avi_003 Veedokkade_1CD_DVDRip_Team_TDK_avi_004
Subs: Veedokkade_1CD_DVDRip_Team_TDK_sub Veedokkade_1CD_DVDRip_Team_TDK_idx

Code: DVDRip.Team.TDK.avi.001 Veedokkade.1CD. DVDRip.Team.TDK.avi.002 Veedokkade.1CD. DVDRip.Team.TDK.avi.003 Veedokkade.1CD. DVDRip.Team.TDK.avi.004
Subs: Veedokkade.1CD. DVDRip.Team.TDK.sub Veedokkade.1CD. DVDRip.Team.TDK.idx


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